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KAA Supports the Audiology Patient Choice Act

June 1, 2017

Lexington, KY – On June 1st, 2017, the Kentucky Academy of Audiology (KAA) announced its endorsement of H.R. 2276, the Audiology Patient Choice Act, which if enacted will dramatically improve access to audiologic care for older Americans.

“The Kentucky Academy of Audiology is a huge proponent of improving access to audiology care not only in Kentucky, but across the country,” said KAA President Michelle Byerly, Au.D. “I look forward to working with the more than 250 audiologists in the Commonwealth to advance H.R. 2276 on behalf of our patients and our profession.”

The Audiology Patient Choice Act was introduced in the 115th Congress by Representative Tom Rice (R-SC). Representative Lynn Jenkins (R-KS) and Representative Matt Cartwright (D-PA) join Representative Rice as original co-sponsors of the Audiology Patient Choice Act. If enacted, the Audiology Patient Choice Act will:

  • Improve access to qualified, licensed Medicare providers, by allowing seniors with a suspected hearing or balance disorder to seek treatment directly from audiologists, eliminating archaic medical doctor order requirements.
  • Allow patients to choose among qualified providers for Medicare-covered audiologic services by authorizing Medicare to reimburse audiologists for the Medicare-covered services that they are licensed to provide. These services are already covered by Medicare when delivered by other providers.
  • Address the medical doctor workforce shortage confronting our country, while helping to meet the increasing demand for health care services by the growing Medicare population, through the inclusion of audiologists in the list of Medicare-recognized physicians (chiropractors, dentists, doctors of osteopathy, medical doctors, optometrists and podiatrists).
To download the Press Release, click here.