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Support KY House Bill 458 and Senate Bill 47

Kentucky Audiologists,
As the old saying goes "All politics is local" and that is why we need your help now more than ever. The Audiology Single Licensure Bill and Audiology Speech-Language Pathology Interstate Compact bills have been introduced in the Kentucky General Assembly. Thanks to KAA Board Member Dr. Liz Rogers for drafting the letter below, which you can use to contact your legislators. We ask that you take just a moment to send them an email asking for their support. Not sure who your legislator is? Visit the link below to look them up!


Dear Senator/Representative,
I am an audiologist, a doctoring level professional working with patients who experience hearing and balance difficulties. I am writing to ask that you support both House Bill 458 and Senate Bill 47. These bills move the profession of audiology forward in the state of Kentucky.
House Bill 458 removes the need for audiologists to hold two licenses to practice in Kentucky. Currently, audiologists have to have a license for audiology and a license for dispensing and fitting hearing aids. The hearing instrument specialist license is an outdated requirement from when audiologists were primarily masters level trained providers. Since 2006 the standard has been a clinical doctorate known as the Au.D. As a doctoring level profession we are trained extensively in the diagnostic and treatment of hearing and balance disorders, which includes hearing aid programming, verification, repair, and maintenance. In order to become an audiologist, we already take a national recognized exam (the Praxis) that covers those skills. Having to hold a license for both audiology and hearing instruments is redundant, unnecessary, and creates a burden for patient care by reducing the number of providers in Kentucky.

Senate Bill 47 is an interstate compact bill introduced by Senator Rick Girdler, which would allow audiologists in participating states to receive a “privilege to practice” in another state. Audiologists already have a remarkably consistent scope of practice and educational requirements across the country. This would allow for better access for patients by allowing audiologists to practice more easily across state lines and via telehealth. It would also protect our patients and Kentucky’s ability to level disciplinary action by working through the interstate compact commission. This bill has already passed the Senate Licensing and Occupations committee, and I ask that you bring it to the full Senate for a vote.

I urge to you vote yes on each of these bills when they come before your chamber. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me should you have any questions.
Thank you,
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