Kentucky Academy of Audiology

Membership Benefits

CE Conference
KAA is known for its high-quality CE program which is held during late summer every year. Respected medical professionals and health care policy makers present information on cutting-edge audiology topics, procedures and issues. Members attend at reduced rates.

The Academy's conferences, public outreach and other promoted activities provide social and professional meeting opportunities for audiologists from all regions of the state.

Legislative Representation
KAA’s Legislative Affairs Committee reviews all legislation affecting Kentucky audiologists. KAA establishes liaisons with other health care groups and works with our elected officials to enhance audiologic practice on both a state and national level. In addition, members receive up-to-date communications about how they can help KAA's legislative efforts. KAA also has a registered lobbyist in Frankfort.

Public Education
The Academy actively promotes the concept of the audiologist as a vital part of the health care team and works to increase our profession's visibility.

Leadership Opportunities
KAA members are invited to play an active role in the future of Kentucky audiologists by becoming part of KAA's leadership.

Student Support
KAA takes a very active interest in the future of audiologist profession by encouraging and facilitating free student membership.

KAA’s listserv is an email discussion forum which can be used to share information and ask questions of your colleagues.